Some photos from Dubrovnik

Dear friends!

You can see a selection of photos from our week in Dubrovnik here (click to to go gallery).

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After the conference…

Dear colleagues!

First of all, we hope that you arrived home safely. We would like to thank
you once more for your participation at the Conference. We are truly
honoured that we had the opportunity to meet you. We also hope that you are
satisfied both with academic and organizational part of the Conference.

As already announced, all participants are invited to submit their paper to
Editorial Board of Hrvatski Geografski Glasnik (Croatian Geographical Bulletin).

You can search or download previous issues here >>>

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About the conference

The 2012 conference of the IGU Commission on Globalization, Marginalization and Regional and Local Response (C08-47) is a jubilee conference. The year 2012 will mark 30 years of research on marginality by the IGU commission.

The Commission started its work in 1982 by examining human activities in extreme natural environments, like mountain regions and high latitude or boreal areas. Ten years later the focus was extended to marginal regions, thus allowing thematic approach to be pursued. Within the broad context of marginality research there are some core focal issues: evaluation of the consequences of globalization on people and places; direct and indirect links between marginality and globality related to people and places and the question of how, in an increasingly interlinked world, the rise of regional and local culture emphasizes the diversity essential to the survival of humanity. Two fields are of particular relevance: the drifting apart of society and resources conservation and exploitation.


The location of the 2012 Conference in Croatian Dalmatia, a Mediterranean karst area par excellence, calls for attention to be paid to a specific, physically marginalized area. In the first instance, the karst landscape is a living environment, calling for a focus on how people cope with its limitations in terms of subsistence and survival; climatic rhythms, lack of water and the scarcity of soil.

Karst in its various forms is present in many areas of the world. Karst as an overall theme would certainly benefit from the comparative approach; comparing different local and regional responses to the limitations in living conditions. Also related to the Dalmatian karst region are environments impacted on by other forms of marginality: there are islands and deltaic environments, which suffer additionally from  geometrical marginality in the form of a spatial isolation (the islands) or from a combination of a lack/surplus of water (the delta areas). Every particular environment has developed a kind of a world of its own as a distinct response to the physical limitations.

Another question is how globalization affects traditionally established lifestyles in such areas; sometimes with positive, but also with negative consequences, leading to even more severe marginalization.

In addition to these particular environments which relate directly to the location of the Conference and to the Conference tours, researchers are also invited to participate in rethinking the geographies of marginality in all the other physically limited and /or marginalized areas. Methodological approaches and considerations including the question and methods of “measuring” marginality are welcome.

The hosting institution of the Conference is the University of Zagreb, which is listed among the best universities of the world, according to the 2011 Shanghai list. The conference will be held at the Centre for Advanced Academic Studies (CAAS) in Dubrovnik from 19th to 23rd of August 2012. CAAS was founded by the University of Zagreb as a public academic institution for international scientific programmes and postgraduate studies. It is located in close proximity to the old part of the walled City, an UNESCO World Heritage Site. During the Conference, Dubrovnik will host the yearly world known Summer theatre and music festival. For more information about CAAS, please visit

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